Beach Library

The location of the library is a great advantage, the vicinity of the Balaton shore presented the opportunity to set up camp on the lakeshore, just as other libraries do.


The beach library initiative has been launched on 9 August, 2010, at the Újhely beach, initially on a trial basis, only for a week. Free membership was offered to visitors, and borrowings were also registered. The books could be returned after reading on the spot or taken back to the library in the city centre. Almost 500 magazines, daily papers and books were moved to the beach. Children could take part in sessions and games. After the resounding success, the decision was made that the Beach Library should continue.


You can read about the experience gained from the first Beach Library project here... (


In 2011 and 2012, we were waiting for beachgoers and readers at the Main Beach at Siófok. The operation of the Beach Library was also extended in terms of duration; we were available through almost the entire summer season. Approximately 1000 books and magazines were available to visitors. At this point, the library functioned without a librarian as a self-service operation, in joint partnership with Coke Club, later with Beach Club.


The use of the Beach Library is free of charge; finding the right book is facilitated by categorisation by subjects. Books can be borrowed by anyone; readers return the books under the honour system. It is no secret that the Beach Library targets a younger audience, this concept is also confirmed by the related “The Library Is Not Uncool” and “Reading Is Not Harmful To Health” programmes. Nevertheless, one can safely say that we have an ample inventory to offer to all age brackets, from classic fiction to technical literature on tourism. Foreign-language books on the shelves also cater to tourists from abroad.