Borrowing Books

The Library’s collection area is generic, with the mission of obtaining and providing access to technical literature and fiction of interest for all kinds of readers.
A valid library membership is a prerequisite for borrowing books. The loan period is 4 weeks; it can be renewed twice unless the book is requested by another reader.
Some items of the reference library collection may be borrowed on a short-term basis (while the library is closed).

 The history collection is available locally to all registered readers during lending hours. Certain documents are borrowable for a specific period on approval by the provider.

Membership is valid for 1 year, the fee is HUF 1000/5 books

With a student card or a Siófok Card: HUF 500/5 books

Membership is free of charge: in the children’s section for those under 14; in the general section for those between 14 and 16 and those over 70.

The loan period for books is 4 weeks, with the option of 2 renewals.

Fines for late returns:

1st reminder: HUF 120 postal charge (free of charge by e-mail)

2nd reminder: HUF 490 (HUF 250 late return fine + HUF 240 postal charge)

3rd reminder: HUF 1250 (HUF 500 late return fine + HUF 750 postal charge)

Borrowing Periodicals

231 types of daily and weekly papers, magazines and periodicals are available in the Periodical and Newspaper Reading Room. Reading on site is free of charge, while borrowing magazines and periodicals with pictures is free of charge for members. 5 periodicals can be borrowed at a time. The loan period is 1 week, once renewable. The latest issues are not borrowable.


CD supplements of periodicals are borrowed free of charge.

The loan period is 2 days, with up to 5 items borrowable at a time.

Late fines for periodicals and CD supplements: HUF 15/item/day

Borrowing Items From The Media Library

Media items in the library constitute a separate collection. Use on site is free of charge, items are borrowable for readers with a valid membership, subject to special registration.


Registration fee: HUF 500/3 months, free for students.

The loan period is 1 week, once renewable.

10 CDs may be borrowed at a time.


Those DVDs shown as part of our Movie Club are borrowable.

Conventional (vinyl) records and VHS cassettes are borrowable upon the payment of a deposit.

For conventional (vinyl) records: HUF 5000/item
VHS cassettes: HUF 2500/item
5 items can be borrowed at a time.


Late fines for items in the media collection: HUF 50/item/day


Audiobooks for the blind and visually impaired, classic fiction and reading for pleasure, performed by well-known artists, on cassettes and CDs.

The loan period is 4 week, borrowing is free of charge.

Interlibrary Loans

Books not part of our collection are requested from another library through interlibrary loans. When the document sought for is not available in our collection, registered members may avail themselves of this service.


The loan period and the type of borrowing (loan or on-site reading) is determined by the library providing the document.


If the book is lost or damaged, you are liable to pay a compensation determined by the lending institution.

Requests by libraries are also accepted by e-mail.

E-mail address:

The charge for interlibrary loans is adjusted to the prevailing postal tariffs.

Late fines for books borrowed from the reference library or pursuant to interlibrary loans: HUF 50/day

Book Reservations

When the book you are looking for is included in the collection of the library but it is not available as it is on loan, at the bindery or for other reasons, a reservation request can be submitted. When the book comes in, you are notified by phone or by mail.
The reserved document will be held for you for 6 opening days, and unless you collect the books within 6 days, it becomes borrowable again.
Extensions may not be requested for reserved books.


Charge for Book Reservations: HUF 100/book