Office services

Photocopying, printing

Photocopying and printing:


A/4 HUF 15 (HUF 25 for double-sided copies)
A/3 HUF 30 (HUF 50 for double-sided copies)



Colour photocopying and printing:


A/4 HUF 180 (HUF 270 for double-sided copies)
A/3 HUF 270 (HUF 450 for double-sided copies)



High-volume photocopying is available as a function of the prevailing workload, upon preliminary agreement.


No entire works are copied. Printing is available from the Internet, from external media, from a word processor, library and other databases.



Spiral binding and thermal binding

Spiral binding:


HUF 300 for up to 50 pages
HUF 350 for up to 100 pages
HUF 400 for up to 150 pages
HUF 450 for up to 450 pages



Thermal binding: HUF 350, flat rate