Book Collection

Books for lending

Registered members may choose from 150,000 volumes of fiction and technical literature from the open shelves in the lending room. Conditions for borrowing (link to the corresponding point in the service description)

Reference Library

The reference library collection awaits readers with almost 5,500 documents. The reference library can be used free of charge for anyone. Some items of the collection may be borrowed on a short-term basis (while the library is closed).

Sárközi collection

The library of Balaton Regional History Research Centre had a valuable addition in 2011. Mátyás Sárközi, the London-based writer, critic, literary translator and journalist bequeathed a major part of his own library to the library in Siófok.
The reason for his decision is his strong attachment to Siófok; an important part of his childhood links him to Lake Balaton, more specifically to Kiliti. His mother, Márta Sárközi, the daughter of bohemian playwright Ferenc Molnár, hid Mátyás Sárközi at Kiliti during the Shoah. The Library created a special section called Mátyás Sárközi Collection, consisting of the books in the professionally and meticulously built collection, most of them processed and made available with us. The main thrust of the collection focuses on foreign-language literature about the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.
The volumes are available for reading on site; more items are expected in the future.