Media library

Our music novelties can be found on the main page, under Library Recommendations.


The media library collection of the library mainly consists of audio recordings (vinyl records, CDs and audio cassettes). Audiovisual materials (video recordings) are only collected from films and compilations that can be used for programmes in the children’s department.

The adult department offers musical, literary and special audio recordings.


  • CD (catalogue)

  • DVD

  • Audiobooks (list)

  • Traditional (vinyl) records

  • VHS cassettes (list)

  • CD-ROM (list)


For details of lending terms and conditions, see MÉDIATÁRI SZABÁLYZAT . Copying the sound recordings is forbidden under the Copyright Act.

Main genres of our musical collection

  • vocal and instrumental classical music

  • opera, operetta

  • folk music

  • various popular music: e.g. pop, rock, jazz, blues, soundtracks, musical

  • various literary audio recordings and audiobooks

  • audio materials for language learning


Music Almanac

Kálmán Imre emlékév 2007
Kodály Zoltán emlékév 2007
Ferencsik János-évforduló
Bartók Béla emlékév 2006
Mozart-év 2006


Music for holidays

Valentine's day
March 15th
Mothers’ Day
Memorial Day of Martyrs of Arad
Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution (1956)